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Water Hygiene Services

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 Water Hygiene Management

The management of water hygiene is a key activity in all premises. The presence of bacteria, including most significantly, Legionella is a major concern. Legionella bacteria are common in most natural watercourses.

They can be found in most types of commercial and domestic water systems and cooling towers. The organisms can survive in temperatures from 0°C to 45°C. Temperatures of 20°C to 45°C and stagnation within a water system represent ideal growth conditions.

Once the bacteria have grown in the water system, inhalation of water vapour can lead to legionnaire’s disease. Managing these risks is a legal obligation which requires technical competence, engineering services and administrative control.

Water Hygiene Management Services 

water safetyPernix Safety Management are able to assist those performing the role of Duty Holder(s) in accordance with HSE ACoP L8 Control of Legionella which requires that the Responsible Person make suitable arrangements; to identify risk of Legionella in water systems, to prepare a written scheme of the control of Legionella including schematic drawings and to implement arrangements to prevent or reduce the risk of Legionella through effective design, engineering, chemical, thermal and administrative measures.  

Our Consultants are Chartered Health and Safety Practitioners, professionally qualified and experienced, and able to provide assistance as and when required, via email, telephone and on site attendance if required.

Legionella Risk Assessment

Pernix Safety Management are able to conduct Legionella Risk Assessments in accordance the ACOP L8.

The purpose of the risk assessment is to identify the features of the water supply, storage and use systems and the degree, to which they contribute to, or control, the risk of Legionella growth, proliferation and release.

Written Schemes of Examination

Our written schemes will encompass all the aspects of the water system and specify the required management regime including system improvements, maintenance, monitoring and record keeping in an easily understood format.
The written scheme can be produced as a paper or electronic record. Paper copies may be easier to pass on to visiting maintenance workers who will need them to know the location and condition of any asbestos before they start work. Electronic copies are easier to update and are probably better suited for people responsible for large numbers of properties or bigger premises

Legionella Training

Our Consultants can provide Legionella Awareness training for Duty Holders, Managers, staff and contractors. Typical course content for Legionella awareness training includes the following topics:

  • The properties of Legionella and its effects on health
  • Legal requirements under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations the Approved Code of Practice L8 – Control of Legionella 
  • Practical methods for the control of Legionella

Water Hygiene Services

We are able to facilitate all the required water hygiene services including:

  • Routine monitoring and inspection of water systems and temperatures
  • Cleaning and chlorination of water storage tanks,
  • Water sampling and analysis via UKAS Accredited Laboratories

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