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Fire Safety

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Management and Evacuation Plans
  • Fire Drills and Exercises
  • Fire Training
  • Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety Management

The management of Fire Safety is one of the more complex and time consuming aspects of health and safety, in any organisation. It requires competence and experience, a systematic approach, an eye for detail and a determination to maintain systems and standards.

Fire Safety Solutions   - our comprehensive fire safety solutions

Fire safetyPernix Safety Management are able to assist those performing the role Responsible Person(s) in accordance with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which require that the Responsible Person make suitable arrangements to identify fire hazards, prevent, reduce or mitigate fire safety risks, provide means of detection, alarm, escape and fire fighting.
Our Consultants are Chartered Health and Safety Practitioners, professionally qualified and experienced, and able to provide assistance as and when required, via email, telephone and on site attendance if required.
The service includes:

  • The provision of advice, guidance, and practical support on a day–to -day basis.
  • Liaison with the Enforcing Authorities on behalf of, or in cooperation with the organisation on any health and safety related matters if required
  • Fire Risk Assessment

Pernix Safety Management are able to conduct Fire Risk Assessment in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005. Our assessments consider all aspects of fire safety using a format developed by our Consultants, which has been acknowledged as meeting legal and best practice requirements by Fire Authorities throughout the country.

Management and Evacuation Plans

We are able to develop and assist with the implementation of Fire Safety Plans in any premises. Our Plans include the key elements of design, construction, services, maintenance, ergonomic and human factors requirements in accordance with the principals of BS 9999, and Department of Communities published guidance

Fire Training

Our Consultants can provide training for managers, appointed Fire Incident Coordinators, Fire Marshals, Fire Wardens, and staff in both general fire safety awareness and client specific Fire Safety Management and Evacuation Plans. Typical course content includes causes of fire, means of fire spread, detection, alarm and lighting systems, fire evacuation and assembly including the use of specialist equipment for disabled persons, use of fire fighting equipment, fire safety inspection and post incident review.

Fire Drills and Exercises

Fire Drills and practice exercises are a key requirement of good fire safety management and legally required by under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) Our Consultants can assist any client with the development and implantation of static and scenario based drills which give Fire Incident Coordinators, Fire Marshalls, Fire Wardens and all employees with the opportunity to rehearse, refresh and improve their knowledge and skills

Fire Safety Equipment

Pernix Safety Management can supply fire safety equipment including extinguishers, fire blankets and related equipment, signs and notices etc. We can also facilitate other services including the installation, testing and maintenance of fire detection, alarm, fire fighting, and emergency lighting systems via our recommended specialist providers. 

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